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Sprung a flat? From Okotoks to Airdrie, Turning Tires is here to keep you and your vehicle rolling, wherever you need us.

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It can be frustrating to notice a flat while you’re out shopping or on the road, but you don’t have to waste time driving to a mechanic. Get it fixed with our professional tire repair in Calgary. We arrive where you need us and provide professional services that get you and your vehicle back on the road with minimal delay.

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We Come to You

Our technicians are ready to meet you wherever you need. At home or the office, just let us know your address when you book your appointment.

Service Warranty

We offer a limited warranty for flat tire repairs to save you the worry and hassle of future issues. Call or text us for more information.


From laying down cloth to protect your rims to using the best equipment available, the quality of our work shines through in the details.


All our equipment is built to last, and we take pride in maintaining it to the best of our abilities. Turning Tires builds quality into everything we do.

No Hassle Tire Repairs

Mobile tire repair in Calgary is all about saving you the time and inconvenience of managing tires yourself. Our capable technicians take every precaution with your tires, keeping them clean and free from damage. We arrive at a location of your choosing and do our best to be there as fast as possible. If our technicians deem the tire mendable, we’ll get to work right away. You can carry on with your day while we work. 

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Call, text or email us with your information, including your location, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


Book an appointment time that works for your schedule and let us know if you have any special requests.


When we arrive, we will inspect the tire and determine whether or not it is repairable. If it is, we will proceed with the patch while you relax!

Let’s Get Started

Since we build our schedule around our customers, there’s no reason to delay. Give us a call or send a text, and let us know when you need our services. We’ll take care of the rest.


Guaranteed Tire Repair Service

Our mobile tire repair in Calgary aims to repair (and not replace) whenever possible. Our goal is to get you back on the road with a tire that’s as good as new. We offer a warranty and satisfaction guarantee on our work to protect you from future issues. We know our craft and are confident in the abilities of our skilled technicians. If the tire isn’t repairable, we can still help you out with new tire sales and mounting and balancing services. When you work with Turning Tires, you’re choosing honest, hardworking professionals who care.

Frequently Asked

You should not drive more than a few hundred metres on a flat tire. If you notice your vehicle pulls to one side or you’re having trouble accelerating, you may have a flat. The best course of action is to pull over and put on your spare. Or you can give us a call for mobile tire repair.

Begin by inspecting the tire for any visible holes or objects sticking out by slowly rotating the tire. If nothing is visible, try the soapy water trick. Brush a mixture of liquid soap and water on the tire. The soap will begin to bubble where the hole is, and you can mark for easy finding.

It is possible to repair a flat tire on your own using a tire patch or plug. However, the process calls for precision, so we recommend leaving it to our experienced technicians. 

No, unfortunately, there may be some instances where we cannot fix a flat tire. Our technicians will determine whether or not a repair is possible and discuss alternative options with you.