Starting at $119 for 6 Months

Stop wrestling your tires in and out of storage.

We store your wheels so you don’t have to!

Easy & Affordable Tire Storage

Serving Calgary & Surrounding Areas

No more awkwardly rolling your tires into the garage. No more straining to fit the tire bag back on. No more worrying about your tires! When you use Turning Tires for tire storage in Calgary, we guarantee easy, straightforward and convenient service. No matter what, when, or where, we’re here to help.

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Professional Service

Our services are always professional and upfront, so you can focus on your priorities and leave the rest to us.

Hassle-Free Storage

Tire storage in Calgary shouldn’t be complicated, and with Turning Tires, it isn’t! We pick up, deliver and replace as needed.


From the best equipment to the best practices, we have an eye for detail! We take care of your vehicle, so you don’t have to.

Quality Equipment

Our equipment is built to handle all makes and models, including luxury vehicles. Call us and see how we integrate quality.

Peace of Mind Tire Storage

We treat old and new tires alike; that is, we store them in a safe, dry and secure location, upright and safe from external harms like UV exposure. Our tire storage in Calgary is all about keeping your tires safe between mobile tire changes. We take this responsibility seriously as our commitment to our customers.

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Starting at
for 6 months


Tire Storage
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Turning Tires Mobile Tire Exchange Ltd.

Contact us, provide your information and set up a time that works for you.


We’ll swap your tires or pick up your spares and take them to our storage facility for safekeeping.


Kept in a secure, safe location, your tires are available whenever you need them, and we can bring them for a seasonal swap when needed.

Let’s Get Started

Since we build our schedule around our customers, there’s no reason to delay. Give us a call or send a text, and let us know when you need our services. We’ll take care of the rest.


Use the Space for Something Better

Ready to finally build that basement suite you envisioned? Perhaps you want to reclaim your garage for your hobbies? Space and time are always at a premium, but our tire storage in Calgary lets you reclaim a little of both. We trust you’ll use it wisely.

Frequently Asked

We have a storage facility in Calgary that is clean, dry, and secure. We can pick up your tires and store them at our facility for only $89 per month. 

We can store your summer tires during the winter months and your winter tires during the summer months. If you have an extra set, we can store them for longer. The price is $89 per month with no limit on the length of time. 

At Turning Tires, our fees start at only $89 per month. Prices vary based on size, pickup location and number of tires.  

If you choose to store your tires at home, follow these tips: 

  • Ensure your tires are clean and dry
  • Keep them out of direct sunlight
  • Store in a cool and dry environment
  • Store each tire in an airtight bag
  • Keep tires off the ground
  • Inspect tires before remounting them


At Turning Tires, we follow all of the best practices to ensure your rims and tires remain in optimal condition.